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Chimfex Chimney Flare

Chimfex Chimney Flare
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· First line of defense for controlling chimney fires

· Works safely with no water damage

· Fast, toss-in convenience

Performance Characteristics (Test results from Omni Environmental Services):

· Suppresses a chimney fire in an average of 22 seconds

· Reduces flue temperatures an average of 53% in 2 minutes

· Reduces the oxygen level an average of 43% in 2 minutes

Recommended Uses:

Use in wood stoves, fireplaces or fireplace inserts.


1. Remove the top lid to expose scratch surface on cap.

2. Twist and remove cap to expose black button on Chimfex.

3. Hold away from face and activate by lightly scratching black button with surface of cap.

4. Immediately drop alongside the fire, not directly in the fire.

5. For Fireplaces: Close doors or cover opening with non flammable material.

     For Wood Stoves: Close doors and all intake vents.

6. Chimfex smoke emissions rise up the flue to replace the oxygen in a few seconds.

7. Due to internal differences in chimneys and wood burning stoves, some large flues may require two or more units activated simultaneously to suppress the fire.


Always point Chimfex away from face and body while activating and afterward. Acquaint your household with use instructions and directions to insure proper and safe handling and use of Chimfex.

Store in a cool, dry place.

For disposal: Open burning is preferred method of disposal in compliance with appropriate federal, state and local regulations.


This device is not approved or permissible for use as an alternative for fire extinguishers in any building or motor vehicle where fire extinguishers are required by law, ordinance, or fire marshal regulation.






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