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Triangular LED Flashing Warning Light

Triangular LED Flashing Warning Light
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Model: Product 14
Manufacturer: BNO Intl Trading Co., Inc.
Average Rating: Not Rated

Powered by 4 "AA" batteries, the Double Function Triangular Warning Light's reflective and illuminated warning system is hightly effective during heavy fog, rain, or in poorly lit roads. The flash is visible at 3280 ft. and the reflective area is visible at 820 ft. under normal weather conditions. Law enforcement and emergency management personnel rely on our emergency warning triangle lights for increased safety, superior product features, and cost savings advantages.

  • Simultaneous reflective and flashing illumination
  • Highest construction quality
  • Reflective in most weather conditions 820 M normal
  • High beam illuminated flash 3280 ft. normal
  • Dual select power source by one touch on/off switch
  • 4 "AA" alkaline batteries last to 120 hrs. continuous use
  • 25' or 75' meter cord w/cigarette adapter plug
  • Heavy duty aerodynamic design
  • Unit withstands up to 75mph wind velocity
  • 51 super bright long lasting LED lamps
  • Double visibility protection night time, heavy fog or rain
  • More effective alert to greater variations of danger
  • Unreliable reflection only
  • Minimum durability
  • Passive reflective ability
  • Non illuminating
  • Powerless
  • No power source
  • No power source
  • Conventional design
  • Unit withstands up to 40mph wind velocity
  • No lights
  • Minimum protection
  • Insufficient alert to danger
  • Non-combustible
  • Maintenance free
  • 120 hours or 5 days continuous use on single battery set
  • Economical and cost savings
  • Compact storage in case
  • Simple on/off use
  • LED Lamps burn independently - approximately 5 years life span
  • Long lasting uninterrupted use
  • Safe to use

  • No interference

  • Better traffic diversion control

  • Frees officer to attend to police work

  • Choice of super bright LED flashing light or LED flashing / steady warning light
  • Possible burn injury or uniform damage when ignited
  • Required clean-up
  • Average 30 minute life span
  • Costly reorders
  • Hazardous material - costly specialized shipment and storage
  • Must extinguish upon approach of chemical or petroleum trucks
  • Fumes are environmentally unfriendly - can irritate respiratory
  • Frequent replacements required
  • Risk of involuntary combustion while in emergency vehicles
  • Possible interference with DUI equipment test results
  • Dangerous near gasoline leak car accidents
  • Surveillance manpower mandatory for safety, burn-out & reignition
  • Limited light - limited effectiveness
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Triangular LED Flashing Warning Light
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Triangular LED Flashing Warning Light
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Triangular LED Flashing Warning Light
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Triangular LED Flashing Warning Light
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Triangular LED Flashing Warning Light
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